How to Stack Coupons & Knowing the Difference Between Store & Manufacturers Coupons

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Stacking Coupons

Stacking is when you use a Manufacturer’s Coupon AND a Store Coupon together on the Same item.

Types of Coupons:

  • Manufacturer’s Coupons – Coupons that the Manufacturer’s send out for their own products. Every Manufacturer’s coupon has a Redemption Address on it for the store to send the coupon in to get reimbursed for. Manufacturers coupons actually say Manufacturers coupon on them. Whether it be a coupon out of the paper or one printed online, it’s a manufacturers coupon if it actually says Manufacturers coupon on them (typically at the top).
  • Store Coupons – Some stores have their own coupons they give out. They will state that they are store coupons. These coupons will not have a remit address on them, because they do not need to be sent out to be reimbursed. Often these can be combined with Manufacturer’s coupons for Extra Savings!


Example: (This is called Stacking)

Target has Dora Rolling Paper – $2.50
You can use a $1.00 Dora Rolling Paper Manu Coupon
AND use the $1.00 Target Dora Rolling Paper Coupon
You only pay $0.50!!!

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*Above is an example of using a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon together on the same item.

Or an often one you see in My Matchups:
Walgreens has Toothpaste – $2.00
You can use a $1.00/1 Toothpaste Manu Coupon
AND Use a $1.00/1 Walgreens IVC
Get Toothpaste for FREE!!!

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