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What is Tracking??

At Rite Aid they often run promotions in their weekly ads where you can earn +Up Rewards when you spend X amount of money. With these kind of promotions Rite Aid keeps track of how much money you have spent on the eligible items. They show you at the bottom of your receipts. This is called Tracking.

rite aid receipt

Here is an example of what Tracking looks like on your Rite Aid receipts. The total at the bottom is how much money I have spent towards the promotion. Above that tells you how much money you need to spend to get a reward. In this case, I would need to spend $100 to get the $20 +Up Reward.

When buying items part of these promotions you will often be using coupons. Currently, the amount of your purchase before coupons counts towards the total amount needed to get the said reward.

ra receipt 2

Here is another example of what Tracking looks like on a Rite Aid Receipt.


Here is an Example of how these promotions work:

Promotion = Spend $30 in Participating Kimberly Clark Products, and you get Back $10 +Up Reward

You Buy:
3 Huggies Diapers – $9.99 each
1 Kotex liner – $2.00 each
Total = $31.97

You Get Back $10.00 +Up Reward (even if you used coupons, as long as your total meets required amount Before Coupons)


Now let’s say they only have 1 pkg of diapers in your size. So you could buy that 1 pkg and another time check out, say another local Rite Aid, that week for your size needed. That first diaper purchase of $9.99 will count towards that promotion for the week, and show up as Tracking on the bottom of your Receipt!

For More Information on Rite Aid Click Here


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