Save Time on School Snacks

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Save Time on School Snacks

How many times have you thought to yourself you kiddos (of husband 😉 lol) go through the snacks in your house too fast?! Some weeks it seems as fast as I get them in the house, they are gone just as fast! Not to mention I hate having bags of crackers or chips that go stale by the end of the bag! So the other day it clicked….bag up the snacks! Now this is nothing new, and I have seen this done before. But if you are like me, maybe you just need some inspiration to get going!

Not only does bagging up snacks save you a headache, it saves you time too! I don’t know about you but I am ALL about SAVING! 🙂

Annies Snacks

I spent maybe 30 minutes portioning and bagging up a bunch of snacks. I personally did up some crackers, pretzels, chips, animal crackers, frosted animal crackers, celery, and carrots. I used about 50 small snack size bags. You can find deals on snacks at your local grocery stores using coupons, or grab some cheap at a Dollar General (or store like it) like I did. I spent about a $1.00 on each package of snacks. And the produce was on sale at my local grocery store, Tops Markets. Don’t forget to use coupons on those snack bags too if you can, or find them at your local Dollar Store.

Or shop online for the snack bags!

Save Time on School Snacks

This can be done with any snack! I am hoping portion control will help us spread out the snacks as well. I can grab a baggie for school lunches, snacks for car rides, or even for Hubby’s lunches for work. Let us know what snacks you like! 🙂

Save Time on School Snacks

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  1. Dawn Mamon

    I just thought about this too. Throw a couple of baggies of these snacks in your purse for your kids when you are out shopping so you don’t get stuck paying more for your snacks. I also started making it my daughters chore to dole out the snacks in the baggies. I just look at how many servings are in the box and have her eyeball it.


    1. Kristy

      Nice! Kids always like helping out….until the reach a certain age then it become a chore 😉 lol


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