School Supply Items To Buy At The Dollar Tree

School Supply Items to Buy at Dollar Tree

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Bic Pens At The Dollar Tree

Wondering if the Dollar Store is the best place to buy school supplies? Well I can tell you that some items there are definitely worth buying! If you were to print out our Walmart School Supply Price Comparison List for 2017 you can see the most popular school items and the low price that they have them every day. This is a great tool to compare with other stores. We are going to share below the tops school supply items we found at our local Dollar Tree that we think are great buys. These items may vary from store to store. Remember that you can totally use coupons at the Dollar Store when available!

Clipboards At The Dollar Tree

Clipboards – Check out the two different style clipboards our store offered. They had a plain brown one and colored pattern ones. These are great deal at only $1.00.  Compare to other clipboards that cost over $3 here. 

Dry Erase Markers At The Dollar Tree

Dry Erase Markers – I got sick of spending money on the brand name dry erase markers only to have my kids forget to put the caps back on and have them dry out. Every since I spotted these at the Dollar Tree I have been getting them there. Then I don’t feel so bad when they dry up. If Expo are your thing, totally check out Amazon where they have been having some great deals on them lately (prices change often).

Book Covers At The Dollar Tree

Book Covers – no need to spend a lot of money on book covers when you can find them for only $1.00 at the Dollar Tree! These rolls are 13.5″ x 4′ so I think you should be able to get a couple books out of them.

Highlighters At At The Dollar Tree

Highlighters – Spotted packs of 4 count highlighters at our Dollar Tree. They even had the colored varieties. Walmart sells these similar style ones for almost $2.00.

3 Subject Notebook At The Dollar Tree

3 Subject Notebooks – While they do sell the one subject notebooks for $1.00 too, you may find the 3 Subject notebooks when you compare to Walmart store brand at $1.97 is a better deal here.

Bic Pens At The Dollar Tree

Bic Pens, 10 pk – You can always find coupons available through out the summer for pens. Be sure to check out our coupon database for available ones. You can score them for even cheaper! This year these Bic pens are cheaper at Dollar Tree then Walmart’s price at $1.17.

Siscors At The Dollar Tree

Scissors – While I find that the kids scissors may not be the best value found at the Dollar Tree, I do think the large scissors seem to be better. For a buck they seem to hold up well for me.

1 Inch Binders At The Dollar Tree

1 Inch Binders – spotted some pretty neat 1 inch binders that had some cool designs on them. Binders can get so pricey. While some were the flimsy kind they also had these sturdy binders too. Great price if you ask me!

Dry Erase Boards At The Dollar Tree

Dry Erase Boards – I find these work well. Some school may use these, or you can use them if you homeschool. We homeschool and I find that these are pretty handy to have!

200 Sheets Lined Paper At The Dollar Tree

Lined Paper – At Walmart you can find they sell their store brand of lined paper 150 sheets for $0.82, so for 200 sheets this is not that bad of a deal.

Posterboard At The Dollar Tree

Poster Boards – don’t spend tons of money on poster boards when you can find them at the Dollar Tree for only a buck! They even have different colors and the foam poster board too!

School Supply Items To Buy At The Dollar Tree

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