Walmart Back to School Price List 2017

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Crazy Art School Supplies At Walmart

Walmart this week started stocking their shelves with their back to school items. I went there to gather prices and even made you all a handy FREE printable price list to keep handy with you. Walmart offers every day low prices on these items. You may see through out the summer mark downs at other stores on these items. I would suggest printing this list out and using it as a guideline to know when deals pop up whether or not it’s cheaper than Walmart and if you should scoop that deal up! Head on over here to see if you can find your schools supply list.

Free Printable Back to School Walmart Price List


Order Online and pick up in store to save on time! 

School Supplies

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Free Printable Back to School Walmart Price List 

I hope you all find this list very helpful! You can print out your own list here.

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