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8 Secrets to Shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club

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BJ's Shopping Cart Image 3

Maybe you have heard of BJ’s Wholesale Club and you may have thought it’s not for you. I mean after all, you do need to PAY for a membership to shop there. How’s that even work? Well I’m here to tell you that there are some perks to shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club and there may be some Secrets to Shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club that you didn’t know about that may make it worth your while!

BJ's Wholesale Club offer special savings

Special Offers

You will see different promotions offered at different times through out the year. These can be bonus on gas points or even free money for buying select products like the promotion you can see above. You got back $20 when you bought 4 participating items. Pretty nice offers if you ask me.

BJ's Wholesale Club discounts

Special Items

What I mean by special items are just your everyday items you may be more likely to snag while shopping at Walmart. When I’m in my Secrets to Shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club I love to check out the household aisles. These may have dishes, coffee makers, printers, pillows, and much more. You may find them even marked down or special offers on them as well. I have found many gifts there over the years for family members as well as myself at a fair price. I’m all for finding some gifts/items you don’t typically see.

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Digital Coupons

Yup. BJ’s Wholesale Club joined the bandwagon and offers it’s shoppers digital coupons. These are absolutely amazing in my book! Instead of struggling to cut out their store coupons I can just load them to my account and shop. Even better, I can use a digital coupon and then my booklet coupon to grab an extra item I wanted and save (not stating to use both on same item).

Ball Park Hot Dogs At Bj's Wholesale Club

Fair Pricing

Walking around in BJ’s Wholesale Club may feel overwhelming when you look at the prices. Not to mention I have a hard time leaving with out spending $100 or so. But let me tell you it’s worth it. What you want to do is figure out your per item price. Any savvy shopper knows the general price range they can get their popular items they shop for at. Here we have a 4 pack of 32 count Ball Park Hot Dogs for $9.99 where if I compare to my local grocery store, Wegmans you can find them at $2.99 each pack. So to compare it’s pretty close coming in at $2.50 a pack at BJ’s. Definitely not more expensive to buy the hot dogs at BJ’s if you can use them all! Bulk shopping is worth it for many.

BJ's Wholesale Club  Organic and Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce and Even Organic

I love the produce aisle at my BJ’s Wholesale Club. I have always seen nothing but the best looking produce. They even sell some organic items as well. Freshness is key to me when buying my produce. They also have some nice fruit and veggie platters that are great for parties.

Granola Bars Quaker


Who doesn’t love free stuff?? You may or may not know about BJ’s Wholesale Club sampling events. These vary depending on what they are promoting. I’m not 100% sure of when they offer them, but typically it’s during the day you will see the little booths out at the ends of the aisle promoting new products.

Bj's Wholesale Online

Shop Online

You can totally shop some great sales online as well as order select items online and have them delivered to your home if you are in a qualifying area. They also have an option here to pick up orders in your store. I’d love to hear about it in the comments below if any of you have taken advantage of the home delivery or pick up.

Gift Cards At Tops

Gift Cards

If you watch over here, you may find some discounts of different retailer. Right now you can grab a $25 Applebee’s Gift Card for only $19.99. I’m liking the sounds of that.

8 Secrets To Shopping At BJ's Wholesale Club Store You May Not Know About

So what do you think? Are you a BJ’s Wholesale Club pro? Comment below and let us know if you are and if not, which secrets were you unaware of??

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  1. Tina Webster

    Hi, I use to shop at tops all the time, but now it’s bjs. I love the digital coupons!! I love the fact that you can also use manufacturers coupons as well! I.e. soup….save .88 cents on 8 cans.. It comes in a case of 12 (chicken noodle) and they overide the coupon because you are buying 8 and then some.


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