Tip of the Day: Importance of Proper Coupon Usage

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Learning to coupon can be overwhelming to many. There are so many things to learn: fine print on coupons, store policies, limits, etc. You need to be careful who you learn how to coupon from. There are a lot of people out there that are spreading wrong information. I see it a lot. I also see a lot of people who do not care and think what’s the big deal? If you have been couponing for a long time, like myself, then you know it is a big deal!

Do you know what happens when people use coupons wrong?

I can tell you a few things – it gets harder for everyone to use coupons and save money! We have seen a lot of changes in the past few years due to a large increase in coupon misuse at stores. When you misuse coupons the stores loose money and even the manufacturers may loose money. When that happens we see more strict polices, more limits, less high value coupons. It’s important to use coupons correctly so that we can all save money the right way. There are so many deals available to us, there is no reason to try to scam stores by misusing coupons.

Here at My Momma Taught Me I try my best to bring you the proper coupon information. I make sure all the Facebook groups I run follow legit ways of couponing, and same goes for any bloggers I work with or share groups with.  I have spent a lot of time writing all about the coupon knowledge I have learned along the years. I always keep it simple and I always follow the rules set forth to us to the best of my knowledge.

I hope you all understand the importance of proper coupon knowledge! 🙂

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