Tops Markets Monopoly 2018

Tops Monopoly Rare Pieces 2018

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Tops Monopoly Rare Pieces 2018

Every year everyone wants to know the list of the Tops Monopoly Rare Pieces 2018. So this year I decided to go ahead and make a post so everyone can refer to it as needed. These rare and semi rare pieces are all the ones that everyone will be on the hunt for. If you find these ones there is a good chance that you will be winning a prize! Let’s us know what you win! There are a lot of good prizes this year! Scroll below for the list of Tops Monopoly Rare Pieces 2018.

Tops Monopoly 2018 (3)

Here are the Tops Monopoly Rare Pieces 2018

$250,000 Home Sweet Smart Home or Cash
Game Pieces: 401A, 402B, 403C, 404D, 405E, 406F
Rare Pieces: 401A, 405E

$100,000 His & Her High Performance Cars or Cash
Game Pieces: 407A, 408B, 409C, 410D, 411E, 412F
Rare Pieces: 408B, 411E

$50,000 Rockstar Backyard or Cash
Game Pieces: 413A, 414B, 415C, 416D, 417E
Rare Pieces: 415C, 417E

$30,000 Tech Toy Chest or Cash
Game Pieces: 418A, 419B, 420C, 421D, 422E
Rare Pieces: 418A, 420C

$25,000 Tuition Jackpot or Cash
Game Pieces: 423A, 424B, 425C, 426D, 427E
Rare Pieces: 425C, 426D

$10,000 Smart Kitchen Appliances
Game Pieces: 485A, 486B, 487C, 488D, 489E
Rare Pieces: 486B, 487C

$5,000 Free Food for a Year
Game Pieces: 480A, 481B, 482C, 483D, 484E
Rare Pieces: 480A, 483D

$3,000 Smart TV & Entertainment Center
Game Pieces: 448A, 449B, 450C, 451D, 452E
Rare Pieces: 449B, 451D

$2,500 Peloton Exercise Bike or Cash
Game Pieces: 453A, 454B, 455C, 456D, 457E
Rare Pieces: 454B, 455C

$2,000 Tops Free Gas for a Year
Game Pieces: 475A, 476B, 477C, 478D, 479E
Rare Pieces: 475A, 479E

$1,000 Smart Home System
Game Pieces: 470A, 471B, 472C, 473D, 474E
Rare Pieces: 470A, 474E

$400 Smart Watch
Game Pieces: 466A, 467B, 468C, 469D
Rare Pieces: 469D

$250 Furbo Dog Camera
Game Pieces: 462A, 463B, 464C, 465D
Rare Pieces: 462A

$150 Gift Card Mall Gift Card
Game Pieces: 458A, 459B, 460C, 461D
Rare Pieces: 461D

$100 Photo Cake Party Pack
Game Pieces: 444A, 445B, 446C, 447D
Rare Pieces: 444A

$40 Tops Fuel Fill Up
Game Pieces: 440A, 441B, 442C, 443D
Rare Pieces: 441B

$25 Dinner on Us
Game Pieces: 436A, 437B, 438C, 439D
Rare Pieces: 438C

$10 Tops Grocery Gift Card
Game Pieces: 432A, 433B, 434C, 435D
Rare Pieces: 433B

$5 Tops Grocery Gift Card
Game Pieces: 428A, 429B, 430C, 431D
Rare Pieces: 431D

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*Special Thanks to Jennifer from out Couponing at Tops Group for comprising this list for us. Way to go! 

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  1. Mary

    I have 487c if anyone is interested?


  2. Scott Maruscak

    I have 401A – and the others – only need 405E to win the house. Anyone got a 405E? We can split the prize or I’m willing to sell.


  3. Cheryl

    Hi, We have two of the rare pieces. There are only 8 and 10 of these prizes available. How many of the rare pieces go into circulation? The odds seem extremely hard to get just one more of the matching rare pieces. Thanks


    1. Kristy

      I’m not sure if they even list what the odds are for each one. They may list odds of winning each prize in the terms for the game found on their website.


  4. Noor

    Hey u said something about traders for the monopoly tickets!!! I wanna know those people who do that can u help me to get in that group. !?


    1. Kristy

      After joining the FB group, the link should take you to share thread. Also people randomly ask in group too so look for that.


  5. Kathleen Walsh

    What if I have one of the Rare pieces. Can I sell it?


    1. Kristy

      Well that’s a good question, I’m not sure per any terms on these so I would check the rules. I know people may trade them in our Facebook Groups.


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