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Try Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit for Only $5.00

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Dollar Shave Club

For the past couple years I have really struggled with shaving. I don’t even like to wear shorts anymore out and about. That’s because my legs have red dots and in grown hairs all over them making me uncomfortable. That is why you won’t see any before and after pictures of my legs…sorry. For as long as I can remember I have been using the cheap razors. You know the ones you can get like 12 disposables in a pack for a few bucks. Even more so I’m a couponer, so I always got them for free too. How can you pass up free?

My husband has telling me for quite some time that it’s because of the cheap razors I use and the fact that I use them forever instead of disposing of them like intended. So I finally decided it was time to try a new razor. I started with Venus and liked that, but then I got tired of trying to find deals on them and feel like I was wasting my time and money. I decided to give an online subscription a try. I find that these are super helpful for our family. I gave Dollar Shave Club a try.

I think Dollar Shave Club is geared more towards men, but women can use this as well. I did. I liked that the scents were mellow and not super flower scented or overpowering. I was told there may be a feminine version of this club, but I haven’t looked into it. I am pleased with this one!

Dollar Shave CLub Razor

Dollar Shave Club is a subscription box for shaving items, and more personal care items as well. I went with the Starter Sets first that is only $5.00. That’s what I have shared in the images here. This set contains a trial size version of products so that you can check them out before paying full price. IN the set you get a razor with two blade refills, the prep scrub, the shave butter, and the post shave dew. They do offer different starter kits as well.

I like that you can adjust your shipping frequency or change your ship date anytime from your account page after signing up for the Dollar Shave Club. I have had my starter set for two weeks now and they just shipped out my full shipment which you can customize to your liking, so prices will vary on what you put in your box. My next shipment is recommended for two months.

They do offer three different types of razors and blades, so keep that in mind as that may be something you check into. There is one that has less blades if that’s what is more comfortable for you. They even have a “compare blades” section so you can see the breakdown between them all. I thought that was super helpful, and just found that now!

Dollar Shave Club Prep Scrub and Shave Butter

I’m pretty pleased so far with my Dollar Shave Club starter kit and plan on using these items longer. I personally find that having the prep and after care to be vital. I always wanted to have my legs more moisturized, but no matter what kind of lotions I tried my legs really burned and got irritated. I was scared to try the post shave dew thinking it would do the same thing. To my surprise it didn’t bother my skin one bit, and it made my legs so smooth you guys. Below I’m listing how these three items help. I was hesitant thinking that’s a lot of upkeep as I’m pretty low key when it comes to beauty and personal care. It’s actually pretty nice. I’m seeing less irritation and feeling less too. I’ve noticed not as many in grown hairs, but I’m hoping more go away as I will be able to use more of the prep scrub with my full subscription box. I think another important key note is that you should change out your razors often because they do dull. And once they dull you will cause more irritation.

Prep Scrub

  • Prepares hair and skin for a closer shave
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells for closer blade access
  • Helps release and prevent ingrown hairs
  • Helps improve skin feel and complexion
  • Unique blend of natural multi-textured exfoliants

Shave Prep

  • Helps soften hair for maximum glide
  • Formulated with gentle ingredients
  • Helps prevent ingrown hairs
  • Fights razor bumps
  • Paraben and Sulfate Free

Post Dew Shave

  • Moisturizes and helps relieve post shave irritation
  • Absorbs instantly with no residue
  • Calming, gentle relief for tender skin
  • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating
  • Subtle, herbal fragrance

Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit For Only $5 00 Plus Our Review On Why We Like This Kit And Subscription Box So Much!

Let me know if you have tried Dollar Shave Club, or if you are going to! You can score the started kit like I did for just $5.00! You can totally cancel anytime you want!

All opinions expressed are honest and my own. Dollar Shave Club did not compensate me for this review. I just like sharing my experiences with you all.

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