Types of Walgreens Coupons

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walgreens coupon booklets

Taking a Look into Coupons you can find in Walgreens….. Look at ALL the Walgreens Coupon Booklets you can find IN THEIR STORE!!!

wags coupons booklets explainedHere is a look into one of the Cold & Flu Booklets. As you can see above they have all sorts of coupons available.

Telling What Coupons are What

Above I have circled the types of coupons there are. They have Store Coupons and Manufacturers Coupons. The Store Coupons (one circled on left) can be used, if available, with manufacturers coupons. The Manufacturers Coupons (circled on right) can not be used with another manufacturers coupon. Even though it may seem like every coupon in these Walgreens Booklets would be store coupons, they are not.

What does all that Mean?

wags cpns back explained detail


Looking at the Back of these Walgreens Booklet Coupons you can also tell the difference between the types of coupons they are. I have circled the differences and pointed out which coupon is what kind of coupon. The manufacturers coupons will always have a remit address on them. That means they have an address where the store is supposed to send those coupons in to get reimbursed for them. The Walgreens store coupons will not have a remit address on them.


What are IVCs?

IVCs are Instant Value Coupons. These are Walgreens store coupons that you can find at the front of the store with their weekly sales ads. These are store coupons that can be used with manufacturers coupons for extra savings, when available. These coupons wags ivcare great because if you buy, say 3 boxes of candy, and you have a Walgreens IVC to use….you only need to use one coupon, and it will take the coupon value off for each item you bought that qualifies for that coupon. Pretty Neat!



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