Understanding Coupons More: Store Coupons vs. Manufacturers Coupons

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understanding coupons

~*~ Understanding Coupons ~*~
Remit Addresses, Store vs Manufacturers

Coupons sure can be confusing sometimes! I try to keep best informed as possible. Here is my understanding of how coupons work.

A big difference you will find between a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon is the remit address. What that means is manufacturers put addresses on their coupons for the retailers (or clearing houses) to send those coupons in to in order to get reimbursed for that coupon amount. ALL Manufacturers coupons will have these. If it is a store coupon, they will not. I tried to give as many examples above as possible. I hope it makes sense! Please ask any questions you may have. Hope this Helps you better understand coupons!

*Note stacking means when you can use a manufacturers coupon AND a store coupon together.

Another example is a printable manufacturers coupon from coupons.com that says redeem ONLY at walmart. That doesn’t make it a walmart coupon. It is still a manufacturers coupon, and cannot be stacked.

Oh, and another note: Rite Aid in ad coupons often state manufacturers coupons, but are coded as a Rite Aid Store Coupon (you can see the difference in the the bar code on the coupon). I don’t know why they have them as manufacturers coupons when they accept them, and have them coded as store coupons.

Hope this Helps!
Kristy ~ My Momma Taught Me


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  2. Laurie Colahan

    Thank you Kristy!! Hopefully this will help and will get the coupon-challenged folks on the right track! I thought it was great!


    1. Kristy

      Oh I’m glad it was helpful! 🙂


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