Wegmans Coupon Policy Overview

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 Wegmans Coupon PolicyI emailed Wegmans and asked them for a copy of their most updated Coupon Policy. Here is what they emailed me back. You can find a list of policies found here on their website (if you ask me, is a bit confusing and messy).

We double manufacturers’ coupons with a face value of $0.99 or less with the following exceptions and limitations:

  • Coupons with a face value of $1.00 or greater will be redeemed at face value.
  • One manufacturers’ coupon per item for a SPECIFIC BRAND product.
  • Only FOUR(4) manufacturers’ coupons will be accepted on FOUR (4) of the same brand product per day.
  • The double or face value of a coupon may NOT exceed the retail price.

*What this means is they do not give overage – money towards your order when the coupon value is more than item.

  • One manufacturers’ coupon and Shoppers Club discount or store coupon may be redeemed on the same item.  The combination of a manufacturers’ coupon and a Shoppers Club discount/store coupon may not exceed the retail price.
  • One manufacturers’ coupon may be redeemed for each Club Pack product.
  • We cannot give you a raincheck for manufacturers’ coupons.
  • We do not accept manufacturers’ coupons for free products downloaded from the Internet (where the word FREE appears on the coupon).

*This includes bogo (buy one get one free)  printed coupons.

  • By law, we cannot accept manufacturers’ coupons for alcohol.
  • We reserve the right to limit quantities.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any coupon that may appear fraudulent/photocopied.
  • We will only accept coupons that are in date, and product or purchase requirements have been met (must match exactly; size, variety, flavor,etc.).
  • We uphold any purchase stipulations set forth by manufacturer.
  • We will not accept a manufacturers’ coupon for the product that is received FREE as part of a Buy One, Get One offer.

*What this means is that you cannot use a coupon in conjunction with a bogo coupon.

  • We do not double manufacturers’ coupons that state “do not double”.

*What this means is that if any coupon states DO NOT DOUBLE on them, they will not be allowed to double at Wegmans (even if they were to scan so).

  • We do not accept Internet coupons over $5.00.

Face Value Redemption For…

  • Coupons not for a specific brand name item.
  • Free item coupons (excluding Internet coupons).

*What this means is we can use free product coupons as long as they are not printed from the internet.

Additional Shoppers Club Notes

Discounts on certain items (marked by MFR) are supported by the manufacturer; we are required by law to charge sales tax on the manufacturer-sponsored portion of such offers. Forgotten coupons and Shoppers Club discounts must be redeemed within two weeks of the original purchase date with original receipt.

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