You Don't Need A Homeschool Room To Be A Successful Homeschooler

You Don’t Need a Homeschool Room to be a Successful Homeschooler

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You Don't Need A Homeschool Room To Be A Successful Homeschooler

So you have decided to homeschool or maybe you have been wanting to or needing to. You may now be thinking about where it is you can do the school work with the kids. Maybe you are hesitant because you think you don’t have the room to dedicate. Well let me tell you that you do not need to set up a homeschool room to be able to homeschool successfully. Honestly, I rarely ever use our homeschool room that we have much at all.

School Work On The Floor Homeschooling

When we do school work it often comes down to what the kids and I are feeling like doing. In that I mean sometimes we feel like doing our work outside. So we pick up our items we plan on using and bring them on the front porch, or sometimes I even lay a blanket down and we do work there. Other times we sit at the kitchen table and do work and some days we are on the couch. It all just depends. We have even done school work in our camper and van on the way to go somewhere!

You Don’t Need a Homeschool Room to be a Successful Homeschooler!

School Work Homeschooling Online And Outside

That’s the beauty of homeschooling. You can go and learn where ever you and your kids feel is the right place to do so. The flexibility and choice is my absolute favorite part about homeschooling.

homeschooling desk

You can totally get your kiddos some desks too and put them somewhere in your home or even in their rooms to do school work. This year that’s what we will be doing. They have desks in their rooms so they can do some more independent work and I can float between them. Getting older they are liking the more independence and distance from each other. This will allow for more concentration and one on one time with them.

Homeschooling Life Working On School Work

Most of all, I think it’s important to find an area that’s convenient for your home and the places to do school work that feels most comfortable for you. Because when you and your kids are more comfortable, the easier it is to learn! I think there are plenty of areas you may be able to come up with and find to put away any school materials you use. I’ve used cupboards in my dining room, shelves, bookcases, and others. Another great item may be to invest in one of the rolling carts to store your items in.

Either way… you shouldn’t let the fact that your home does not have space to have a dedicated school room deter you from homeschooling. You definitely don’t need a homeschool room to homeschool successfully!

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