Dollar General Coupon Policy Changes

BIG Changes to Dollar General Coupon Policy April 2018

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BIG Changes to Dollar General Coupon Policy April 2018

BIG Changes to Dollar General Coupon Policy April 2018

Whoa you guys that shop at Dollar General want to keep reading….It may be a surprise to some, but for others it is no surprise how much coupons get abused at Dollar General. If you are on Facebook and try to join couponing groups you have seen first hand how ridiculous some people get making it their job to find what coupons scan on the wrong items and what digital coupons work on any item they can find. In case you didn’t know this is completely wrong way to coupon not to mention fraudulent! Here at My Momma Taught Me we take pride in sharing our proper knowledge on how to coupon. Feel free to check out all of our coupon groups we run here. 

So the big changes you need to know about the new Coupon Policy for Dollar General are going to be listed below. You can check out the full breakdown of the policy here. 

Dollar General Coupon Policy 4

  1. Limit of 5 identical coupons per household per day, if no limit specified on coupon
  2. Transactions cannot be broken up to avoid coupon stacking restrictions.
  3. Only one Dollar General Digital Coupon Account per person.

ONE TRANSACTION: Whoa…the limit of transactions is definitely new and will be a huge bummer to those who go in and do tons of orders. But kudos to Dollar General for attempting to make changes. I say it’s about time! I once saw someone have a whole cart full of one item that required a digital coupon to get for almost free and was going to do a ton of single orders. I couldn’t even get the one I wanted because they wiped the shelf clean. To me that is wrong. It’s people like that who ruin it for the rest of us. 

ONE DIGITAL ACCOUNT PER PERSON: BOOM. Yes! Please limit people to only use ONE account. How ridiculous is it to have someone going in using 20+ phone numbers just to do all the deals. I get it…I do but come on people let’s not be that greedy these deals come again and again at multiple stores. 

More Changes Added:

• Limit purchase quantities to typical retail purchase quantities and to exclude resellers/dealers.
Basically they can tell you that you cannot buy 20 of the same item if they choose to do so. 
• Not accept coupons over a certain dollar amount, as well as above a certain threshold as it relates to the total transaction.
Basically they can choose what coupons they want to deny. If a coupon is a high value say like $10 they may choose to deny it. Very vague, but there for them to say hey it’s in our policy. 
• Remove any coupon or offer for any reason, including both manufacturer coupons and store discounts.
Again…vague, but giving the store the excuse to choose to deny couponers any coupon they see to including the digital coupons. 
As if couponing at Dollar General already wasn’t hard enough. Now I fear us couponers will have an even harder time using coupons there. Say goodbye to friendly cashiers as I feel as though this is Dollar General cracking the whip at all the extreme couponers that have been abusing Dollar General. Don’t say the honest couponers haven’t warned you….

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    I took 4 $1.00 off four Libby veg. They said they wouldn’t scan so I couldn’t use them. They are manufacturer coupon. Thu is B.S. They were too lazy to punch in the code. THEY NEED BETTER HELP THAT CARES ABOUT THEIR JOB.


    1. Kristy

      Sorry that happened to you. Seems to happen when cashier doesn’t know how to do it properly or maybe not want to… their systems are the worst to coupon with!


  2. Mary

    Just wonder what happened to earning $3.00 off a future purchase when a present purchase adds up to $15.00 pre- tax.


    1. Kristy

      Seems they got rid of it. Talk of some may still be seeing randomly, but unsure.


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