My First Barkbox

What I Thought About My FIRST BarkBox

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BarkBox Review

I’ve been on the hunt for a dog subscription box that I would like. I’m of course looking for the best value while also having quality items I’m gonna like. I know I want natural products and made in the USA. I started off giving BarkBox a try since it’s the most well known out there. I wanted to share with you all my first impression and thoughts. If you have gotten these I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts below in the comments.

Here is what I got in my first box from BarkBox

  • Etta Says Crunchy Premium Deer Chew – Made in USA
  • Bark I’m Slobbering’s Bacon Berry Droolies Soft Baked Blueberry & Bacon Dog Treats, 4.5 oz – Made in USA
  • Bark Baaaallroom Dance Lamb and Duck Dog Treats, 4.5 oz – Made in USA
  • Bark Plush Randy & Ophelia Squeak Toy – Made in China
  • Bark Plush Bee Mine Corsage Squeak Toy – Made in China

My First Barkbox

My Review

I’m not 100% satisfied with the items that I got in my box and I was expecting that when I was originally researching boxes. Since I paid only $10 for this box I’m not as upset as if I were to have spent $25, which is what a normal box every month costs (and I’m not locked in for 6 months I believe). I feel like I could go to my local pet store and get better deals and products. The plush toys are cute, but I did choose large dog breed and to me these are not substantial large breed dog toys. I figure my pups will have them shredded before I know it. I feel like I’m being super picky though and I’m totally a new dog mom. I will say that my dogs do enjoy playing with the dog toys and I haven’t had them long enough yet to see the durability of them.

I wish they offered treats that I could purchase if we liked them. It appears that the only way to get these ones are through the subscription boxes. It was hard for me to look up and price compare to see if what they claim to be over $40 Value Per Box to be true. I did spot some items available here, but you need to order $25 worth to get them. You can also shop online exclusively at their store here. But it’s very select items. I don’t see the treats I got in my box in there, so I’m not sure how there is a way to even order more if I liked them. If you know, please comment and let us know.

Barkbox With Pups

The treats smelled pretty amazing when I opened them and I love that the ingredients were all items that I actually knew and understood. I’m really happy with the quality of them. Again, I just wish there was a way to purchase them somewhere. My pups really enjoyed snacking on them too!

Barkbox Boxes

I will say that I do like the BarkBox program and how great their ratings are for customer service. They have great reviews and offer many discounts and offers, which is something I like to see. Overall, I think it’s a great program and convenient for you to get once a month with new items for your pups. I look forward to my next box in hopes I find it more to my liking.

*These opinions are totally my own. We were not paid or endorsed to share our opinion. Just a dog mom sharing her journey. 

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