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Change to Tops Markets Coupon Policy!

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Rainbow At Tops

It appears that Tops Markets has updated their coupon policy! There seems to be only one change and I will highlight it below.. Click Here to see the Tops Markets Coupon Policy on their site. As with all store coupon policies, I suggest you print them out and keep a copy with you while shopping. You can refer to and compare the old coupon policy I have explained here. 

Tops Markets Coupon Policy Changes:

  • Only FOUR (4) manufacturers’ coupons will be accepted on FOUR (4) of the same brand product per day. Each coupon value considered one (1) coupon in the same transaction.

So what this means is that they now have an official limit of 4 like coupons period now – no longer able to use more than 4 even if they don’t need to be doubled. So that’s a bummer because we used to be able to go in and use say 6 or 10 of a $1.00/1 coupon. No more!

Check out the old coupon policy we have listed here. This appears to be the only change. See anything I missed? Let me know…

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  1. Sandy

    I still have trouble with every Tops store regarding the 20.00 spend for the dollar doublets , they all say must be 20.00 after coupons , the manager even says thatbecause that is what the small print on the double dollar says , when I say that coupons are a form of payment , they argue and say the 20.00 is after all discounts


    1. Kristy

      I’m sorry you have such troubles. I personally shop next town over because the local Tops is so difficult. The only option is to contact corporate and hope they help you out and teach that store.


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