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Printable Grocery Shopping Savings ListIf you saw my video I shared on Facebook earlier today, then you know I am looking into creating a budget for my groceries. Doing this takes some planning, organizing, and dedication. To start off – I am going to be using a printable monthly grocery shopping savings list. Each week I will write down the details of my shopping trip receipts. This will help me keep track of exactly how much I am spending and saving.

Go HERE for the FREE Printable Grocery Shopping Savings List.
Go HERE for the FREE Printable Household Shopping Savings List. (this is not included in my grocery budget, I have a separate budget for this which is really low)

In order to have a budget you need to take a look at a few things.

  1. How Big is my Family?
  2. What is our Eating Habits? (organic, gluten free, etc)
  3. What Store will save me the most?
  4. What Coupons will help me?
  5. What Rebate and Cash Back offers Can I Use?

Not every weekly or monthly budget will work for everyone. You need to find a reasonable amount that you can set as a goal for you to achieve for you and your family. Having a $60 weekly budget for a family of 4 may work for one family, but the next family of 4 may need a budget of $80. If you are using coupons, you may not have the availability to printables where as the next family may. It all depends! Do what will work for you and your family!

My Grocery Savings Tracker

Here are some Tips:

  1. Be sure to take advantage of the savings on produce you can find.
  2. Make Shopping lists and stick to them.
  3. Be Organized with your Coupons.
  4. Shop more than One Store. (different store have different sales, offers, etc)
  5. Take Advantage of Cash Back Offers or Rebates.

 Wegmans $39.75

Here are the items I purchased today at Wegmans. I spent $39.75. The only coupons I used were on the nabisco items and the suave items. That’s it.
I have items from the previous week that I do not need to buy yet. Like lunch meat, apples, milk, juice, canned items, etc. That’s where having a stockpile can help with your weekly budget as well!

I have not looked to see if I have any cash back offers available on my phone apps. I did find some rebates in the stores to get cash back for items I purchased today possibly. I need to be more organized and actually do those rebates! I may grab another package or two of meat at Tops while I am there too. I’m hoping to spend closer to $60 if I can, but no more than $75 for our family of 4 a week. That might mean more some weeks but less others, depending on sales. I mentioned how I may be changing our diet a bit, so I may have to adjust my new budget depending on those items. Let me know what budget you have? Do you have a special diet? Do you have a large family? I hope this post helped you in some way! 🙂

Looking for a Spreadsheet to keep track of your savings and spendings? We have one of those too! Go here.

I will be creating a printable for Household/Non Grocery items soon, and adding the link to this post. I hope you find these useful!


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