Geneva BJ's Wholesale Club Closing

Geneva BJ’s Wholesale Club Closing and What they have left

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Geneva NY location BJ’s Wholesale Club is Closing February, 2020. I’ve been keeping everyone updated with the details and what’s going on. You can read more about the store closing here. Check out the details on the 25% off everything sale here.

I wanted to pop into BJ’s to see how everything was going. We have had numerous reports, plus myself have seen as well, that the store had a surplus of shoppers all week since hearing of the news of their closing. I took over 30 pictures when I stopped in. As a loyal BJ’s shopper, I was pretty heartbroken over the site I saw. I want to share with you what the store looks like and what they have left in case you still wanted to stop in.

IMG 8854Geneva NY BJ's Wholesale Club Closing

As you can see it is looking pretty bare. All their pallets full that you usually see on the shelves are gone. Many of the items you typically would see up by the registers were gone, leaving it bare and open.

IMG 8857

IMG 8855

IMG 8858

All of the meat, produce and any frozen and cold items are all gone. You cannot even access the aisles. They have two small sections of coolers with hardly any cold items in them at the front of that section. So very little left.

IMG 8846

Clothing and vitamins are 15% off now, as signs are stating. They had tons of those left.

IMG 8852

Small section of pet items still, as well as personal care items now condensed into one aisle.

IMG 8865

IMG 8860

Mix of snacks assorted and in one aisle, or two. As I didn’t walk down every asile… only peeked.

IMG 8871

IMG 8870

Above, two images is all that is left for diapers and baby items. They definitely went fast. Just as fast as the electronics did, I’m sure.

IMG 8859

IMG 8881

Few cleaning and laundry care items left.

IMG 8851   IMG 8879  IMG 8886 IMG 8876  IMG 8875  IMG 8848 IMG 8873 IMG 8878

Lots of luggage sets found all over the store. Reminder that you will save 25% off your purchase…so take that off lowest ticket price.

IMG 8872 IMG 8888 IMG 8850 IMG 8869 IMG 8849 IMG 8887 IMG 8864 IMG 8880 IMG 8861   IMG 8868

IMG 8863

As you can see… pretty bare. There’s a good amount of items left, just not the most popular as those went first. So you can still find a good amount of food, kitchen items, home items, luggage sets, toys, laundry care, canned goods, and various other items. Let us know what you scored! We would love to see any pictures or hear about what you grabbed. Hae any thoughts on the store closing or have an experience you would like to share? Please let us know! Love to hear what you have to say.

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