How to Use Family Dollar Smart Coupons (Digital Coupons)

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Family Dollar Smart Coupons

Have you heard about Family Dollar Smart Coupons? They are newer and they just digital coupons that are called smart coupons. We wanted to share with you how to use these so you know how to use them when shopping! Each week they offer various digital coupons you can load to your account and use at the store. You can find them here. 

Family Dollar Smart Coupons
Family Dollar Smart Coupons gives relevant offers for you based on your shopping history. You can clip these offers to your account, eliminating the need to cut or print out coupons. Additionally, a coupon list is generated that can be used for shopping. The coupon list can be accessed online, emailed or printed.
  1. Sign Up for Account
    (You can also text SMART to 28767 to receive a link to the website on your mobile device.) 
  2. Load the Digital Coupons to your account by clicking on them
  3. Enter your phone number when cashing out
  4. See the savings!

Family Dollar Smart Coupons Examples
  • Smart Coupon can only be clipped one time and used on one item.
  • There is no limit on the amount of coupons you can clip.
  • Only ONE Manufacturer coupon and ONE Family Dollar coupon can be used per ITEM in a transaction. This rule applies to paper, internet, Family Dollar mobile and digital coupons.
  • So you can stack these offers when the digital coupon states STORE coupon on it, as seen above. If it does not, then it’s a manufacturers coupon and cannot be stacked.
 Looking for coupons to pair with these offers? Check out our Coupon Database. 


How to Use Family Dollar Smart Coupons (Digital Coupons) — 21 Comments

  1. we ought to be able to delete a coupon because like on that one of dawn the.25 cent one came out first then the dollar one like she said rather use the dollar one but register takes the first one it has happen to me on toilet paper.

  2. I clip the. Coupon for Dawn I checked to see if Dawn coupon was correct it was ,went to check out ,put in my phone number but didn’t take off the amount . what’s going on thanks

  3. How do I unclip a coupon!? This week there were 2 identical coupons for Dawn except one was 25 cents and the other a dollar. I was unable to use the dollar one because of the 25 cent one.

  4. I would like to know how to unclick a coupon. There were 2 coupons for Dawn. One for. 25 and one for 1.00. I obviously wanted to use the 1.00 coupon but the cash tape would only take the .25 cent one. Those 2 coupons were for the identical product with the same expiration date, January 27, the same size and number to buy. Seems a bit shady to me.

    • As far as I know with digital coupons you cannot unclip them. I would suggest only clipping the best ones first – like the higher values if you don’t intend on using both at that time.

  5. I am new to this & I didn’t realize you had to get the reward when you checked out at the counter. I bought items at the Family store in Atkins ,AR. Yesterday so I guess there is no way I could get my discount now is that correct?? Thank you

    • Do you mean a special weekly promotion that was printed out? I would call and talk to your store about it. They should be able to help you.

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