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Cents of Style is a store that sells many inspirational items like clothing, necklaces, and even other adorable items like boots and scarfs. I absolutely love Cents of Style. I only wish I would have found them sooner! They offer some wonderful inspirational items, like the shirts above. My personal favorite is the “Life Is Tough but so are You” one. Instantly when I read that I think about my own personal triumphs in life and it just speaks to me.
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Life is Tough, but so are You.

 Last year I shared with you all my struggles with learning about anxiety. I also learned that I was not alone, and that many of you have at one time or another suffered from anxiety. I think we can all agree that at one point or another in life we all come across difficult times.

Anyone with some serious anxiety knows just how painful it can be, especially when it gets so bad that it cripples your every day activities. The last year and a half my life was over run with anxiety. I just couldn’t process any rational thoughts. Every day became exhausting. It’s truly amazing the power ones mind can have over the entire body.


Life is Tough. Every day I pushed forward. I worked hard on learning how to help free my mind of all these anxious thoughts. I felt I owed it to myself to get better, well not only for myself, but for my whole family. I wanted to be able to enjoy my life again fully with out the weight of the world on my shoulders. Although I believe I will never be completely free of anxiety and the burden it causes, I do feel like I overcame a difficult time in my life. I just want everyone to know if you struggle with anxiety, or anything that is hard in life, that you can overcome it and rise above.


Cents of Style

I want you all to share what Cents of Style Life Is shirt (shown above) speaks to you and why? I know we all have stories to tell and I hope mine may have inspired you to keep pushing forward in life even when times get tough. Because life seriously is really tough, but you know what? I think we all are just as tough in our own ways. Celebrate your story with a Life Is Shirt like I did with this great deal we have going on this weekend only. This weekend, when you use the coupon code LIFEIS1 it will make the NEW Life Is Tees ONLY $15.95, and that’s with FREE SHIPPING! This code is good Friday, 9/23Sunday, 9/25.

Life Is Tees for $15.95 + FREE SHIPPING 


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