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Wahoo! We did it! 
10,000 Facebook Fans! 

I started My Momma Taught Me back in 2011. It was just a plain ole Facebook Page. I spent a lot of time sharing my deals and teaching others one by one how to use coupons. I even had a few free classes where I had some people over to my house or met up at places so I could teach the locals how to coupon. In case you didn’t know, all of my free time typically goes towards this site and what I do here. When I first started My Momma Taught Me, I never really thought I’d ever get this far – ever reach 10K Facebook Likes10,000 Facebook Fans!! I’m amazed! Some of you long timers may remember when I used to do a little giveaway every time we reach 100 new more likes. I remember how exciting it was. I’m so fortunate to be able to do larger giveaways with you all now.

Each and every day I honestly think what it is that I can share with you all. What can I do to make learning how to save easy and fun? I aim high when it comes to my website and I don’t settle for less. I’m a very honest and sharing person and I hope you all can see how much I truly enjoy and love what I do. I wanted to thank you all so much for supporting me and following me through this money saving journey we have had. I hope you all continue to follow me for many years to come. Thank you!

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