Tips on Saving Money on Diapers & Wipes

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Saving Money on Diapers & Wipes

 Babies are expensive!! Diapers, Wipes, Clothes, Baby food, Formula, etc. Finding ways to save money on Baby items can be a key factor when trying to save money. Here are some tips for you on saving money on diapers and wipes.

  • Sign up for coupons at their websites and they send you coupons in mail! Many also offer rewards programs for purchasing their items you can earn points towards free items.
  1. Huggies Rewards Program – Here
  2. Pampers Rewards Program – Here
  3. Luvs Rewards Program – Here
  • Don’t forget the coupons from the Sunday paper! In addition to $ off diapers and wipes, there are sometimes the “Free product WYB diapers or a bath and body product” kind of coupons.
  • Look for coupons in the stores! Blinkies, tearpads, store specific coupons… coupons are everywhere! Find out Where to Find more coupons here.
  • Printable Coupons. You will often find coupons for baby items on popular coupon sites.

diaper coupons

Figuring out the Best Price for Diapers

When trying to determine the best price on diapers, you are not looking at the price per pack, since the pack sizes vary pretty drastically from outlet to outlet. The figure that you are seeking is the price per diaper. The same goes for Wipes as well.

  • To calculate the price per diaper: divide the price paid for each pack by the number of diapers in the pack. Since the larger sized diapers have fewer diapers per pack, the older your baby gets, the higher the individual diaper cost will be. My personal goal is no more than .10 per diaper. Most people will not pay more than that for a Size 1 brand name diaper, increasing the per diaper cost as the sizes increase.
    Huggies Size 1 Regular priced diapers= 8.99 per pack / 56 diapers per pack = .16 per diaper


When you find a fantastic deal on diapers, buy as many as your budget allows, in both your baby’s current size and the next size or two up! Most places allow you to exchange unopened diapers for a larger size if your baby outgrows them. Be sure to stock up when you can! Learn more about stocking up and what a stock pile is here.

  • Don’t forget to get a raincheck! If there is a great sale on diapers or wipes, the stores are often out of the items at some point during the week. They may only be out of one size or scent — get a raincheck to use later. This allows you to wait for good coupons to use with the sale too possibly.
  • Always be on the lookout for Clearanced diapers. When they get new designs in they will start marking down prices of old ones!
  • Store brand diapers are perfectly fine! Many of the store brands are made by the big name diaper companies in any case, so the quality is not going to be that much different, if at all.

pampers kit

Sometimes you can find Free Sample for Diapers and Wipes. Every little bit helps! (of Course I will post them when they are available :))

Buying Diaper & Wipes at Rite Aid

  • Huggies Big Pack boxes are $19.99 every day. (I got to check this out and update!! If you know, let me know!! Thanks!)) They are in sizes 3-6. Price per diaper ranges from .192 per diaper (Size 3, 104 ct) to .249 per diaper (Size 6, 80 ct) before coupons. The bigger the size, the less diapers per pack.
  • Buy ___, get $___ +Up Reward promotions: Rite Aid often has promotions for “any items with a logo” in the ad. Diapers and wipes make frequent appearances in these promotions. It’s a great bonus for something that you have to buy anyway! Lately P&G or Kimberly Clark are in store flier promotions like Buy $30 worth of participating items, get $10 Up reward. That is how you save money too, by using reward money.
  • Head over Here to learn more about Shopping at Rite Aid.


Buying Diaper & Wipes at Walgreen’s

  • Walgreen’s store brand diapers are great. More people prefer the Supremes, which are like Huggies. They are nice and soft and stretchy. The one issue is that they tend to run quite small. A Walgreen’s size 3 is more like a size 2.5… slightly bigger than the average size 2, but won’t fit as long as another brand’s size 3s. This is something to keep in mind when stockpiling– when you switch sizes, I would use the Walgreen’s diapers first!
  • The Monthly Coupon Booklet often has coupons in it for money off, and you can combine the coupons with manufacturer coupons and sales. (been awhile for these too!) A past coupon was for $5/2 packs of their store brand. When the store brand was on sale for $5.99 + you got a register reward for every 3 packs, it was a great excuse to stock up!
  • They have Register Rewards you can earn back on Diapers and Wipes. They also have Bonus Rewards you can earn from buying these items now as well.
  • Sometimes there is a coupon to save $1.50 off one box of Well Beginnings Diapers sold exclusively at Walgreens.
  • Head over Here to learn more about Shopping at Walgreens.

Shopping at WalMart

  • WalMart sells the big name brands at low-average prices, not great, but average.
  • They hardly run sales on diapers. But you can find the diapers at a low cost every day.
  • Walmart has a store brand that is called White Cloud. It is not bad for the price- not as soft as the brand names, but does the job well. Sometimes there is a coupon to save $1.00 off one box of White Cloud Diapers.


Shopping at Amazon

  • – Amazon Moms
  • Often run sales on diapers like pampers, huggies, luvs and more.
  • No sales tax and free shipping often too
  • DO NOT accept manufacturer’s coupons (unless they have some to clip online)
  • Amazon has fairly regular promotions such as the “Buy $99 worth of baby items, get $25 gift card”

updated diapers haul
**Here is a  picture of some of my baby stock up long ago**
Not all…but most. I also have lots of shampoo, body wash, bars soap, lotions, more wipes, and more diapers!! You sure do go through A LOT!!

My Old Diapers & Wipes Stockpile from my first Daughter

diaper stockpile

wipes stockpile

Hope this Helps!

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  1. Hi, I don’t have anymore babies but I do have grandchildren. Sign up at your stores for the baby club. You earn points for buying the baby products and on your babys first birthday he/she will get their own cake. ( pricechopper , I know does this)

    • Yes! I know Tops Markets does the Free cake on first birthday as well. Doesn’t hurt to ask. Also they have a diaper club too! Thanks!

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