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Top Back to School Items to Purchase at Walmart

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Top Back to School Items to Purchase at Walmart

Before we know it school will be back in session. For many, school may have even started. Here in New York we still have some time to shop for those back to school essentials. One of my favorite places to shop for school supplies is at Walmart. I find their prices to be very reasonable. I even created a Free Printable Walmart Back to School Price List for you to print out to compare to sales that come up to see if you should scoop them up if lower then Walmart’s price. You can even shop online for some items and pick them up in store! Here is a list of my Top Back to School Items to Purchase at Walmart. I hope you find this useful!

Crayola Markers At Walmart

Crayola brand is number one asked for by teachers and if you have ever used any other brand you can see why. These are great low prices at Walmart, and we don’t often see them go any lower. Sometimes Staples or Office Depot may run a lower sale.

School Work Scissors $0 50 At Walmart

It can be hard to find some kids scissors at a low price. Thankfully Walmart offer the Schoolworks brand for only $0.50 for single packs or $0.97 for the two packs!

Kids Pencil Sharpener $0 47 At Walmart

Walmart offers a variety of different pencil sharpeners at a low price. You can find various styles and colors. Prices start as low as $0.47 each.

Erasers At Walmart

Looking for extra erasers? Well Walmart has these 25 packs of pencil cap erasers for just $0.57 each.

Elmers Glue At Walmart

If you are looking for just a few glue sticks then Walmart is the place to go. They sell the 2 packs for $0.50 each of Elmer’s Glue Sticks making each $0.25 a stick. You can find the larger boxes of 30 online for as low as $8.00 or $9.88. 

Five Star Folders At Walmart

Folders at Walmart start at $0.15 each. The next closest price I’ve found was $0.17 at Dollar General for the plane basic ones. Definitely Walmart is the place to go for these!

Composition Notebooks $0 50 At Walmart

Composition notebooks are just $0.50 at Walmart. I’ve found this to be the best price where most other stores offer them near $1.00!

Kids Back Packs At Walmart

Oh my goodness you guys I was pleasantly surprised on these backpacks at Walmart this year. I found some as low as $3.77 at my local Walmart. While those ones were smaller, they did have some for $9.97 as well and many came with lunch pales! Hop on over here to read more about the backpacks offered.

Bic Mechanical Pencils $1 67 At Walmart

Bic items are the most popular item you can find coupons on during the summer. We also see $1.00/1 or $1.00/2 coupons in the Sunday Coupon Inserts. So be on the look out for them. While I find you can spot sales on Bic Pens at other stores near $1.00 when Walmart sells them for $1.17, I think that the mechanical pencils are the best price. You can grab a 12 pack for just $1.67 or less if you have coupons!

Ice Packs From Walmart $1 00 For Kids

Walmart offers a wide range of freezer packs that are great for school lunches! They have these cute mini ones for only $1.00. I had bought the slim packs here, which I found more convenient as they are thinner then most.
Kids Water Bottles $0 98 At Walmrt

While these water bottles above do not have a very good tight lock on the lids, you can find numerous water bottles and thermos at Walmart at a great low price. I find it to be helpful to grab one or two for your kiddos which are great for kids lunches or school sports!

Top Back To School Items To Purchase At Walmart 2

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