How Tops Markets Diaper Points Work

How Tops Markets Diaper Points Work

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How Tops Markets Diaper Points Work

Tops Markets grocery store has many wonderful promotions they run. You can read all about them in our Tops 101 post here. One of the promotions they have is called Tops Diaper Club. You can earn cash back on diaper purchases!

Huggies Jumbo Packs Diapers At Tops

Tops Diaper Club

For every $1 you spend on ANY brand of diapers at Tops you receive 1 diaper point when you use your Tops Bonus Plus Card. The points keep track on your account and you can view them at the bottom of your receipts. Once you earn 100 diaper points you will receive a coupon at checkout (a catalina coupon) for $20 off your next diaper purchase! There is no registration required, you simply just scan your Tops Bonus Plus Card at checkout when purchasing diapers. You can then use the catalina coupon on your next diaper purchase and get $20 worth of diapers for FREE! Pretty Sweet!

Huggies Deal At Tops

Using Coupons

You can totally use manufacturers coupons when purchasing diapers at Tops Markets. We often see sales on diapers each week. The promotion will track the sale price you pay for the diapers. If you use a manufacturers coupon it will not deduct that amount towards your points. Remember, manufacturers coupons are a form of payment and the store will get reimbursed for those.

Huggies Catalina Offer Tops Markets

Weekly Catalina Offers

Many times in the weekly ad we may see these catalina promotions. Catalinas can be store wide or national catalinas that are offered at multiple stores. When Tops offers these catalina deals is the time you should be grabbing your diaper deals. Purchasing diapers using coupons is great, but even better when you are getting money back to use next time. To top it off you will be earning your diaper points as well!!

Tippy Toe Diapers

Store Brand Diapers

This diaper points promotion is valid on all brands of diaper purchases including store brand. The regular retail price if these jumbo packs of Tops Tippy Toe Brand Diapers are $6.49. We often do see sales on these and sometimes even some e-coupons.

Clearanced $6 74 Pampers Cruisers Diapers At Tops

Clearanced Diapers

You can totally earn points on your purchases of diapers even if they are clearanced. You just need to make sure that when they ring up that they actually ring up with a description. Some of Tops clearanced items will ring up with a “clearanced item” label. That will cause you to not earn any diaper points. You can choose to go to the customer service center and they should be able to update your account for you.

Pampers Diaper Deal At Walmart

How to Get Your Catalina Coupon

So once you reach your 100 points from purchasing diapers you will need to either inform your cashier or go to the service desk to inform them that you would like the catalina from the diaper points. They will use your bonus card and print out your catalina for you to use.

Key Points

  • It is important to know that only diapers count in the promotion. You can not earn points on purchases of wipes or any other baby products.
  • You have to ask for your $20 catalina before it will be printed.
  • The $20 Catalina is a store discount and can be stacked with more manufacturers coupons for extra savings.
  • Both Diapers and Pull Ups are included.
  • You earn diaper points on diapers purchased using the $20 catalina.

How Tops Markets Diaper Points Work

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