Tops Markets vs Wegmans: Beef Meal Deal Comparison

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Tops Markets vs Wegmans: Beef Meal Deal Comparison

Tops Markets often has what they call Family Meal Deals. Often times everyone in our coupon groups say how they think they are not a very good deal. I have to say that personally, I find some to be good and others not so good. And that’s only because of the items they offer for free. Many times I cannot use those items. I think it’s a great offer that Tops gives it’s customers. So I decided that I would do a comparison to Wegmans like I have done before in the past (read about my Tops vs Wegmans post). I tried to match up items for items the best I could based on what Wegmans offers.

Tops this week has the Ground Beef Meal Deal. You purchase a large big pack of beef at $3.99 per lb and you can get the 7 items below for FREE. They claim that the items that are free are over a $16 value (I can double check exact next time I’m in store). Depending on how your store packs the beef packages, you may be able to find a package for around as low as $17 – $18.

Tops Markets

Fresh Ground Beef 80% Lean Big Pack, 4-5 lb. – $3.99/lb – $18+ for pkgs (depending how store packs them)

GET ALL 7 ITEMS FREE! (more than $16 value)

  • Fresh Express Iceberg Garden Salad, 12 oz
  • Tops Classic Potato Salad Includes Macaroni Salad or Cole Slaw, 16 oz
  • Sugardale Hot Dogs, 16 oz
  • Tops Individually Wrapped Cheese Singles, 8 oz
  • Tops Hamburger or Hot Dog Rolls, 11 oz
  • Tops Deluxe Mac & Cheese Dinner or Deluxe Shells & Cheese, 12-14 oz
  • Tops Spring Water 12 Pack, 12/16.9 oz

TOTAL for Big Pack Hamburger and 7 items = as low as $18 (many will probably be more near $20, even still not bad!) 

Here are the current prices of items at Wegmans that I found comparable to the items on sale at Tops this week with the meal deal.


  • Fresh Ground Beef 80% Lean Big Pack, 6 lb+ – $2.69 / lb. – making them $17 +
  • Wegmans Iceberg Lettuce, 10 oz – $1.50
  • Bar-S Hot Dogs, 16 oz – $1.39
  • Wegmans Potato Salad, 16 oz – $3.99
  • Wegmans Individually Wrapped Cheese Singles, 12 oz – $2.49
  • Wegmans Hot Dog or Hamburger Rolls, 14 oz – $1.49
  • Wegmans Shells & Cheddar Dinner, 12 oz – $1.79
  • Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Spring Water, 12 pk – $2.49

TOTAL for Big Pack Hamburger and 7 items = as low as $32

So….What do you think? Do you think the meal deal is a good deal now after seeing the breakdown in price comparison? Maybe I will keep this comparison up with the various meal deals 🙂

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  1. Bakingmommyof3

    I got a Tops Meal Deal for $15.42 – but as you said it depends on the Tops and how the meat is packaged and priced.. Plus it bumped me over enough that I got a $5.00 off next $50.00 Catalina at checkout.


    1. Kristy

      Oh nice! That’s the lowest Price I’ve seen yet!! I love the catalina machine! I got a free milk when you spend $50 last week I plan on using.


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