3 Myths about Couponing

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3 Myths aboutĀ CouponingĀ 

So many times people can assume things before really finding out what something is all about. That holds true with using coupons. Many may be afraid to use coupons due to thinking they won’t save much or maybe it will take up too much time. I’m here to share how those myths are not true!

1. Couponing is Hard

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that couponing can be hard. But you know what’s great about technology now a days? We have all these wonderful websites that are available at your finger tips to help you! Take my website for example. We tell you when there are great deals and new coupons available so you don’t miss out. We also list every week the items on sale at various stores and the available coupons. Looking at coupon matchups can cut your couponing time down a lot! You don’t need to spend hours upon hours on couponing. On average for my shopping trips I spend 1 – 2 hours a week gathering, searching, and getting my lost together.


2. All the Coupons are on Junk Food

So many times I’ve heard so many tell me that all the coupons they ever see are for items that are not so great for you. While I agree that the mast majority of coupons may be on some not as healthy as other items – I also know there are so many ways to save on healthy foods as well. I would suggest checking out your brands websites and social media sites. Often times they offer coupons straight from their websites. You may even want to consider writing to them and asking for coupons. Many of our deals have a section for natural and organic items on sale. Some stores, like Tops Markets, may offer special money off your order coupons fro organic items or produce. Check in stores in the natural and organic section for these coupons. You should really also check out my tips on how you can save money on produce!


3. I Don’t Need 100 Tubes of Toothpaste

I get it. Every since that Extreme Couponing show aired on T.V. many people now think of couponing and couponers as hoarders. But let me tell you that you do not have to be extreme to be a couponer! Seriously – you can save just 10 a week using a couple coupons and that makes you a couponer! Don’t be afraid to use all these available tools put out there for us all to save money on our every day needs. Just think how much you save over all even if you were saving just $10 extra dollars on your grocery bill each week. That would be over $400 a year you saved!!

You can also create a stockpile with out having 100 of everything. I personally only have 20 or less of items at any given time. Sales and coupons cycle so you will be able to score that awesome deal again!

3 Myths About Couponing




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