5 Myths Shopping at Tops Markets

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5 Myths Shopping at Tops

5 Myths Shopping at Tops

Often times I read about people thinking this or that about Tops Markets. Of course I am here to help you all learn about the best ways to shop at Tops. Below I have decided to share the most common myths about Tops I have heard people think is true over the years. If you are new to couponing at Tops, be sure to check out our Tops 101 page.

1. Tops Limits Coupons

I know people think that Tops has a limit of 4 like coupons period. That is not the case. You can use as many coupons you want there (as long as no restrictions on the coupons). If you have ten $1.00/1 coupons you can use them all in one order! The only time you would want to limit coupons is if they can be doubled in value. Tops only allows 4 like coupons to double in value. So if you have 5 of the same $0.50/1 coupons, only the first 4 would be doubled. 

Must Buy X Amount Vs Not At Tops Markets

2. Quantity Required

Many times you will see Tops offer items on sale for 10/$10.00. When some see this in the ad they often assume that you must buy quantities of 10 in order to get the sale price. This is not true. If you see something on sale for 2/$5.00 or 10/$10 you can buy one item and still get the sale price. You could buy one, and still only pay $1.00. The only time you have to buy set quantities to get the sale price will be when they state so in the ad. We see this often with some of the soda sales.

3. Tops is Over Priced

I can’t tell you how often I have heard this. The moment I speak of shopping at Tops Markets for my groceries people look at me like I am crazy. How can I afford shopping there? I in return and look at them like are you crazy for not shopping at Tops with all they have to offer? Seriously, if you know anything about me then you know I have a deep long love affair with Tops. Come on… the coupons, the rewards, the games, the gas points, and I could go on. Needless to say many think Tops is an over priced grocery store. That may be because they don’t understand how to shop there. But let me tell you – you must follow the sales! That’s the whole point of the store! If they did not have weekly sales on items their prices would not be as high. The retail prices are higher in order for them to offer sales. It’s just how it all works folks. Do you ever see buy one get one free offers at Wegmans? The answer is no. Can you save money on your gas purchase from shopping at Wegmans for your food? The answer is no. Many times I have referenced how shopping at Tops can really save your family a lot of money. Check out my Tops vs Wegmans post, and my recent Meal Deal Price Comparison that proves Tops is cheaper to shop at specially when you follow their sales. It’s even been proven recently that Tops beat out Aldi’s!! Seriously!! The numbers don’t lie folks. Be sure you are following our coupon matchups that not only save you money but time as well.

Retail Price Vs Bogo Price At Tops Markets

4. Tops Jacks up Prices

Another line I’ve have heard of over the years many, many times. Tops offers many buy one get one free sales. When people see the price of the buy one get one free sale they are often shocked and think Tops raised the price. That is not true. There are some occasions through out the years when certain items get an over all price increase. But Tops does not increase the price just for these buy one get one free sales. The price you are paying for is the retail every day shelf price. The price that item would be if not on sale. So let’s look at it this way (examples are made up prices):

Cookies on sale 2/$5.00, and if you look at Tags will say $3.99 retail. 
Cookies on sale BOGO, so that means you pay $3.99 for both. 

I always break down the BOGO deals. You will want to divide the end price you pay by the number of items you are getting. So in this case, you buy 2 cookies BOGO at $3.99 that makes each package only $1.99 each. Where the price you may be used to seeing them for – $2.50 when on sale. So in the end, buy one get one free prices may not be all that bad when you break it down.


5. Coupons are Discounts

Once in awhile we are lucky enough to get money off your purchase coupons at Tops. These coupons will often say something like save $5.00 of any purchase of $50 or more at Tops. In the fine print you may see the following, “after all discounts are made”. Many think that they are referring to coupons. This is not true. Coupons are a form of payment. The store will be getting reimbursed for these coupons. When they refer to discounts they are referring to any store coupons or store sales offered. With these money off coupons you want your total minimum spend to be after all sales are taken off, all store coupons subtracted, and before manufacturers coupons.

5 Myths Shopping At Tops Markets



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  1. Susan B

    I belong to Wegmans inside and do surveys the last one asked if I shopped more or less at Wegmans once I answered less the questions asked why…my answers sounded a lot like what you just wrote! So I hope Wegmans listens to customers like me! Their produce, which was my last draw into the store has gone down hill as of late, is not bringing me into their stores. So Wegmans I hope your reading we all do not want your Wegmans Brand, we want a choice!!!!!


    1. Kristy

      Great points! I’m an insider as well! I have this year started shopping more at Wegmans because we only get mainly produce and organic items now.


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