All About Tops Markets Store Coupons: Find out Which Ones You can Stack!

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Tops Store Coupons You Can Stack

All About Tops Markets Store Coupons: Find out Which Ones You can Stack!

I thought that making a post about the different types of Tops Markets Store Coupons would be helpful for all you Tops Shoppers.

Here are the different store coupons you may find: (starting with most common)

– In-ad coupons
– E bonus saver e coupons
– Late week click to card e coupons
– Catalina’s

– Coupon inserts

– Home mailed coupons
– Monopoly game piece coupons
– Monopoly online e coupons

Paper Coupons

There are a few different paper coupons you will find that are store coupons. A sure way to know they are store coupons is to look on the top (usually) of the coupon and if it states “store coupon” on it, then it is a store coupon. Also, another way to tell if it’s a store coupon is if there is no remit address. You can learn more about how to tell which is a manufacturers coupon and which is a store coupon here.

In ad Tops Coupon

The most common store coupon you will come across is the in ad coupon. This coupon you will find in the weekly store ads. These coupons are store coupons (see it states Tops Coupon on the top). These coupons can be used in conjunction with a manufacturers coupons for extra savings when available.

Tops Store Coupons

The next store coupons you will find are the ones that come out in the coupon inserts. These are not as often, but they do happen! It’s a nice surprise when we see them 🙂

tops money off coupon

Sometimes Tops will offer coupons in the mail to those signed up with the Loyalty card. These coupons get mailed to your home and usually have offers like saving a certain amount off your purchase of groceries. These are store coupons that can only be used at Tops Markets.

Tops Store Coupon Catalina

If you are really lucky, you will get a store coupon catalina. These are catalinas that print out in stores from the catalina machine that are store coupons. That doesn’t happen often! Majority of the Catalina coupons are manufacturers coupons (you can see that written on the top of them). If you get one of these precious gems, you can find some great deals that I am sure of! I once got a $1.00 off any liquid soap purchase and was able to get a bottle of dish soap for free!

tops store coupon monopoly

Monopoly Coupons can be found on the bonus game pieces during the Monopoly Game. These are store coupons that can be used in addition to manufacturers coupons.


Electronic Store Coupons

The electronic coupons can be the most confusing. These are called click to card coupons. This is the best way for me to explain the difference: Tops used to have printable store coupons called e bonus saver coupons. Then they decided to get rid of printable coupons and start using electronic coupons like many other stores. They still wanted to offer store coupons, so each week they still offer a few store coupons called e bonus saver coupons. These are also considered click to card coupons and are found here. This is the only way I can tell the fastest which coupons are the store e coupons for the week. Read more about click to card coupons here.


They have made it easier recently, to be able to tell the difference on their website which coupons are store coupons by category! Read more here.

Tops Late Week Click to Card Coupons

Late Week Click to Card coupons are store coupons. We know this by basically trial and error. When shopping on our receipts we will see the “SC” for store coupon found on the bottom instead of the usual “MC” for manufacturers coupon. So we know that these late week click to card coupons are in deed considered store coupons. You can in fact stack manufacturers coupons with these for additional savings when available. Check out the image below for an example of what the store e coupons look like when you cash out.

click 2 card

Tops Store Coupons from Monopoly Game

Monopoly E Coupons are offered during the Monopoly Game. These are offered for those who want to enter the game codes received in the game pieces from the store. You can find them here. The current coupons and matchups can be found here.

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