Instant Savings Offer At Tops My Trip

How to Use Tops Markets Digital Coupon Offers

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Instant Savings Offer At Tops My Trip

What are Digital Coupons?

More and more we are seeing stores that are offering digital coupons. These are coupons that you do not need to print out or cut out to bring to the store with you. These are coupons that you load to your account and they come off your bill when you cash out. Tops Markets offers digital coupons they call e-coupons and we want you to be a pro at using them! We are going to teach you below How to Use Tops Markets Digital Coupon Offers.

Tops Markets Website Screen Shot

How To Find Digital Coupons:

You will want to log in or create an account on Tops website here. Once you do that you will then have your bonus card linked to your online account. There are two ways to get to the digital coupons at Tops.

  1. Head over to the main page and click on the COUPON CENTRAL menu option at the very top of the site.
  2. Head over to the main page and look for the SAVINGS menu are the top and click on the drop menu and select coupon central option.Tops Markets Coupon Central
  3. Once you are there at the coupon central spot you will find listed the different ways you can save at Tops. You will want to click on the E-COUPONS option found at the top left. That will bring you here. 
  4. You can then scroll through the list offered or use the search option to see if the product you are looking for has an available coupon.

Tops Markets Digital Coupon Offers

How To Load Digital Coupons:

It’s super easy to load these coupons to your account. As shown above for an example, you can see that they all have an “ADD” icon. All you have to do is click that icon and it will add your coupon to your account. Once you have the coupon added to your account it seems there may be no way to remove it. After you add the coupons you can find them under “shopping list” on the same page. Each coupon has it’s own expiration date listed on there as well as any restrictions. You may click the little info icon at the bottom left to show more details of that coupon.

TIP: Only add coupons you know you would use or that are better then any paper coupons you would be using. Digital coupons do not double, are one time use, and cannot count towards gas points. You can try this way to delete the offers from your account here.

Shopping Cart Items At Tops

Using the Digital Coupons in Store:

All you have to do is go pick up your items and cash out. Upon cashing out make sure to use your bonus card linked to your online account. The coupons that qualify for the items you purchased will come off your total at the bottom of your receipts (lately the free offers have been showing up under product on receipts). The coupons will show up as MC when it’s a manufacturers coupon, even digital, and SC when it’s a store coupon.

Pretty EASY right?!

Tops Late Week Click To Card Coupon

Types of Digital Coupons:

Under the e-coupons page you can find Tops Store e-Coupons option as well as Manufacturers Coupons tab. You can easily tell which coupons you can stack by searching through the lists! Love it!

    Majority of the digital coupons are manufacturers coupons. That means you cannot stack any other manufacturers coupons with them.
    These are store digital coupons that can be stacked with manufacturers coupons when available for extra savings. These will be listed under that category in the e-coupons found at the top, and have the Tops logo on it. 

Quaker Store Coupons At Tops



Look for the “TOPS” logo on these coupons. If they have that, then that means you can stack them! I know in the app it does not give you the option to choose between store and manufacturers, so this is key to figuring it out. Any digital coupons that have this logo should be store coupons. Now they all will say “cannot be combined with other coupons” which is misleading, but they have had this wording on their store coupons (even paper) for as long as I can recall. This just means you cannot use with any other store coupons.

Be sure to read all about the types of store coupons you can find at Tops that include the different places to find digital store coupons – like the late week e-coupons.

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