Best Known TIPS To Shopping Dollar Doubler Week At Tops

Best Known Tips to Shopping Dollar Doubler Week at Tops Markets

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Tops Best Dollar Doubler Coupons

Shopping Dollar Doubler Week at Tops Markets

Let’s talk about the Best Known Tips to Shopping Dollar Doubler Week at Tops Markets. Tops Markets is a grocery chain that offers up some great promotions for their shoppers quite often! One of those is what they call dollar doublers. Dollar Doublers are four extra $1 off coupons that you can use in conjunction with $1 manufacturers coupons for extra savings.

Dollar Doublers At Tops

Dollar Doubler Coupons

First and fore most you better know how these awesome little coupons work. You can only use 4 of these dollar doubler coupons in a transaction. Your store may allow you to do more than one transaction in a day, but their official policy is one.

  • Total Spent in order to use dollar doublers is $20
  • Have to be paired with $1.00 off Manufacturers Coupons Only
  • Total spent is BEFORE Coupons
  • Total is AFTER Sales and Store Coupons have been applied

Dollar Doublers At Tops

Using Coupons

The best way to get your orders to the $20 minimum spend required to use these dollar doublers coupons is find items that you can use manufacturers coupons on. So dig out all your coupons and check out our Tops Deals to help you get ready. Be sure to look for the coupons that double or even possibly any free product coupons you may have laying around waiting to use. Those will help you reach the minimum spend and get your total cost out of pocket to become even lower after using the coupons

Dollar Doubler Week Pairing Sales And Coupons

Pairing Sales and Coupons

You will want to be smart with how you use your coupons. You don’t want to be just buying anything just to get some coupons used. First check through the weekly ad and see what items are on sale and what coupons you can use on these items. I would suggest starting out with your $1 value coupons and seeing how many items you can get using them. Then work your way to the additional coupons that are not $1 in value and see what you can match up. We of course can help with that with our Tops Deals.

Dollar Doubler Week Coupon List

Being Organized

I may live a life of chaos every since having kids…but being as organized as you can when it comes to couponing can be key. It helps you to know when something doesn’t ring up right or if a coupon doesn’t get scanned properly. You can use our totally free printable Grocery List for DoublersYou can use this list to write down the coupons you have, the value, how many and the price you should pay after coupons. This helps me a lot because sometimes I go into the store not knowing all the deals. There are always tons of unadvertised deals each week (we help with that too).

tops dollar doubler week

No Overage

These dollar doublers state right on them that these coupons are not to be used to get any sort of overage (cash back or applied). So you want to look for great deals with out going over the price. For example one week we were able to pair these $1.00/2 blistex coupons with a dollar doubler and a sale to make two completely free! That is pretty sweet when that happens.

Milk Way Clearanced at Tops

Clearanced Items

You can totally use coupons on clearanced items. This is a great way to save even more. When you see these clearance tags you can either check your own coupons or our coupon database to see if there are any coupons available to use on them. If you are lucky you may be able to paid the coupon with a dollar doubler or add it to your list! So keep your eyes peeled when Shopping Dollar Doubler Week at Tops Markets!

Coupons Found In Store

Always when shopping you need to keep your eyes peeled for possible coupons. You can find them anywhere! Sometimes you can find nice manufacturers coupons attached to products or close by. Pair those with sales to save even more too.

Tops Markets Gas Points receipts

Gas Points

Don’t forget that you can earn bonus gas points from using coupons Shopping Dollar Doubler Week at Tops Markets. The dollar doubler coupons do not count towards them. When doing your orders for dollar doubler week you want to consider using sets of ten manufacturers coupons to maximize your gas savings. You earn a max of 100 gas points from using coupons. After ten coupons in an order you don’t earn any more. So that’s why we suggest using sets of ten if you can.

Dollar Doubler Deal Ideas at Tops

Deal Ideas

What are deal ideas? Well these are the different scenarios we come up with using coupons to help you save more. So each deal idea will be able $20 in value to help you see how to maximize your savings. Some of you won’t always be able to do because of coupon availability, but you can get the ideas for what you have. That will help you save some time! You can find these deal ideas on either of our two sites that cover Tops deals during dollar doublers week.

Best Known Tips To Shopping Dollar Doubler Week At Tops Markets

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Looking to save more at Tops? We can help! Check out our Couponing 101 at Tops Markets. Then head on over to see more Tops Deals. Don’t forget to check out our site dedicated to Tops Deals only – Couponing at Tops. Don’t forget about the TONS of unadvertised deals we find each week too!

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