My Momma Taught Me’s School Supplies Price Point List

School will be here before we know it! It’s never to early to start shopping for school supplies! Sometimes shopping at multiples stores you will find you save the most money. I like when staples offers their penny items (with … Continue reading

Ditching Cable / Dish TV Saved us a lot of Money

Ditching Cable TV

Ditching Cable / Dish TV Saved us a lot of Money  I think many of us get very addicted to watching our favorite shows. We all have our favorites. I personally love watching Law & Order SVU, Once Upon a … Continue reading

Tops Catalina Coupon Offers: What are they & Where can you find them?

Tops Markets BonusPlus Checkout Coupon Offers: Also Known as Catalina Coupons Ever wonder how or why you got a surprise catalina when you checked out at Tops Markets? Well if you head on over here you can see all the … Continue reading