My Momma Taught Me’s School Supplies Price Point List

School will be here before we know it! It’s never to early to start shopping for school supplies! Sometimes shopping at multiples stores you will find you save the most money. I like when staples offers their penny items (with … Continue reading

Tops Shoppers: Big Changes to Geneva, NY Sales Ad and Store Prices

I posted this earlier in my coupon group: So this has happened at Geneva Tops only. many every day retail prices have been lowered. There are different sales in the ad. I’m working on getting images of ad up today … Continue reading

Video Post – Fine Print on Coupons Explained

The other day I talked about fine print on coupons and proper ways to follow what coupons say. You can head on over here to watch the video about that. Fine print explained fully here – How to Use Coupons … Continue reading