Coupons Low And Frustrated

Oh No, Coupons are Decreasing… What are we to do?

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Coupons Low And Frustrated

It sure does feel like we have hit almost rock bottom as couponers. For months I haven’t even bothered to print a coupon. It’s not because I don’t want to or can’t find the time. It’s because there are literally hardly any new coupons to print. Not only are there far less coupons to print but the coupons coming our in the Sunday Inserts are few and far between too. Coupons are Decreasing, what are we to do?


I used to be able to print out sheets of coupons the first of the month. The time when manufacturers gave out more coupons and often coupons that were still available reset allowing you to get more prints. If you have been a long time couponer like myself then you more then likely must have noticed all of the changes over the years. We have seen the slow decrease of coupons. This past year has been the worst by far. All year I have barely been able to match any coupons up to sales in our local grocery store. Where before I would have so many deals and options. If you are like me, then maybe you are wondering how you can still be saving your family money when the coupons are just nothing like they used to be.

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How to Save When Coupons are at all Time Low

  1. Take Advantage of Good Sales. 
    This one is so simple yet I know many don’t think to do it. When your store has a sale on something you use, be sure to snag it up. Many grocery stores like Tops Markets and Wegmans offer sales often. You don’t need any coupons to save!
  2. Use Cash Back Programs. 
    Be sure to use the cash back apps and programs out there to save on your groceries and household items. Where there may be no coupons to use you may be able to find extra savings by using such programs like ibotta or savingstar.How To Save When Coupons Are At All Time Low
  3. Load Digital Coupons. 
    Many stores now offer digital coupons. These are so easy to use and you just need to clip them then shop. Super simple way to save. We are now seeing more digital offers then we are physical coupons to use. Don’t miss out on them!
  4. Shop Online. 
    Sometimes you have to get creative. We now are seeing ways to buy your groceries online. You can shop Amazon’s Prime Pantry and they even offer coupons and discounts on them. Other places like Walmart or some grocery stores allow you to shop online and have them delivered to your home or you can pick them up. They may offer special savings and coupon codes to use these services. That’s another way to save.
  5. Subscription Boxes. 
    There are so  many subscription boxes out there! You can seriously find one for anything. We recently shared our Misfits Market box that delivers fresh produce at a great price to your home. You can also find coupon codes for these and many are just plan great low prices! You can check out more here. 

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  1. Dorothy

    I also do not get the newspaper anymore.All ads and maybe 3 or 4 coupons.Not worth it.


  2. Sandy

    I noticed , less coupons means less gas points at Top . I even canceled my subscription for the Sunday newspaper


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