Reminder to Read Your Coupons Fully!

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Proper Coupon Usages

I saw people on Instagram saying they were using a new $4/2 coupon on these Herbal Essences bottles at Dollar General making them only a $1.00 a bottle, but when I went to look the coupon up I only see this variety which is not a match : $4/2 Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Products, exp. 8/12/17 (P&G 07/30/17) [ETS].

This coupon is specifically for the Bio:Renew varieties which are more expensive. I just like to keep people informed on the proper ways to use coupons. I know sometimes we see others doing things and think it may be okay to do so too. When in reality it is not the right way and will (and has….don’t get me started on the recent limits of 1 on coupons) hurt us all in the long run. You guys need to read your coupons fully and only use them on the items indicated.

Kristy’s Coupon Tips:

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