Tops Markets vs Wegmans: Pork Chops Meal Deal Comparison

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Tops Markets vs Wegmans: Pork Chops Meal Deal Comparison

Tops Markets often has what they call Family Meal Deals. Often times everyone in our coupon groups say how they think they are not a very good deal. I have to say that personally, I find some to be good and others not so good. And that’s only because of the items they offer for free. Many times I cannot use those items. I think it’s a great offer that Tops gives it’s customers. So I decided that I would do a comparison to Wegmans like I have done before in the past (read about my Tops vs Wegmans post). I tried to match up items for items the best I could based on what Wegmans offers.

Tops this week has the Pork Meal Deal. You purchase a large big pack of boneless pork chops at $4.99 per lb and you can get the 8 items below for FREE. They claim that the items that are free are over a $15.50 value. Depending on how your store packs these packages, you may be able to find a package for around as low as $18.00. Most packages will most likely be priced around $20.00.

Tops Markets

Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops – Smithfield Pork Loin, Big Pack, 4 lbs. or more – $4.90/lb making most packages $20 – $22

Get the Following 8 Items FREE:

  • Fresh Express Garden Salad, 12 oz
  • Ken’s Salad Dressing, 9 oz
  • Bush’s Baked Beans, 16 oz
  • Fresh Tops Applesauce, 23-24 oz
  • Steamables Russet Potatoes, 24 oz.
  • Tops Crescent Rolls, 8 oz
  • Pillsbury Cake or Brownie Mix, 15.25-18.4 oz.
  • Tops 2 Liter Soda

So the total for one big pack of pork chops and 8 items above is as low as $20. 


Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops – $2.29/lb – around $9.16 for same 4 lbs mentioned above.

  • Wegmans Iceberg Lettuce, 10 oz – $1.50
  • Ken’s Salad Dressing, 16 oz – $2.49
  • Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Potatoes, Red, Whole, Cleaned and Cut, 24 oz – $2.99
  • Bush’s Baked Beans, 22 oz – $1.69
  • Wegmans Applesauce, 23 oz – $1.79
  • Wegmans Crescent Rolls, 8 oz – $1.49
  • Pillsbury Cake or Brownie Mix, 15.25-18.4 oz. – $1.29
  • Wegmans Soda 2 Liter – $0.89

The total for one big pack of pork chops and all 8 compatible items available at Wegmans is $23.29.

So….What do you think? Do you think the meal deal is a good deal now after seeing the breakdown in price comparison? I think this one is not as good as the past ones we have seen. I often do not jump on these meal deals when they have mostly store brand items for the free items. It’s not that I won’t get store brand, it’s just not as good of a deal to me. Personally, for me I’d skip this meal deal because the savings are not as good and I don’t really need what is offered this week as the free items.

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