Why You Should Buy Store Brand Items at Tops Markets

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Tops Bran Items I Bought

Why You Should Buy Store Brand Items at Tops Markets

So often I hear many people say that they think that shopping at Tops Markets is too pricey. I grew up with a mom that couponed every since I was little. We always shopped at Tops. My mom not only got items with coupons but purchased items that were on sale each week at Tops as well, like meat and produce. There are some key factors to take into consideration when shopping at Tops. I’m going to share with you why I buy store brand items at Tops Markets and why you should too!

Tops Brand Brown Rice

Tops now has every day low prices in their stores. So what you are going to see is a lot more lower prices on every day items. Those retail shelf prices are now lower on many items. One of my favorite ways to save on groceries is to purchase Tops Brand items. This week I needed to purchase some items for baking. I now make all of my own baked goods like pancakes, muffins, waffles and pizza dough. Grabbing these items at Tops is easy and cost efficient for me when I am able to find them at a low price by purchasing their store brand items. This week I picked up some sugar, vinegar, chocolate chips, cooking spray and a few other items I needed and had no coupons for. It sure does feel good to be able to buy what I need at Tops at a great low price. 

Tops Dressing

Did you know that Tops sometimes offers coupons for their store brand items? How great is it to not only find a great low price on store brand items, but be able to use coupons as well? You may find store coupons in fliers like the one shown above found near the weekly store ads in your local Tops Markets. Another place you may find them is in your Sunday Coupon Inserts. They may be rare, but they do show up a couple times a year. Every week you can find digital coupons offered. These are coupons you can load to your account and save automatically when you use your loyalty card in the store. To learn more about Tops e-coupons head on over here.

Tops Brand Detergent

I have been loving when I am walking down the aisles in Tops and find new store brand items on the shelves. They immediately stick out to me and I have to stop and take a picture for my reference. Let’s take this laundry detergent priced at only $2.69 every day low price for 50 oz bottle – and even free and clear variety is offered! My personal stock up price for detergent is $2 or less. At this price you don’t even have to worry about coupons! What’s not to love about that?!

Tops Coffee Instant Savings Tops Markets

Often, we will see promotions in the store weekly sales ad for Tops Brand items. You can find various store brand items on sale each week. Check the store ads for possible extra promotional savings like bonus gas box offers or instant savings offers to help you save even more on their Tops Brand items!

Canned Tops Chips

Check out the sales prices above for canned veggies and bags of chips. Even at Walmart you cannot find a bag of chips priced under $2.00. Way to go Tops Markets for bringing some awesome every day low prices and sale to it’s customers!

Shopping At Tops

Each week I shop at Tops Markets for my groceries for my family. We mostly purchase food, but will buy household and personal items when we really need something or we spot a really good deal. I find that Tops Markets is a great place to save your family time and money by shopping in one place. We offer many tips on how you can save your family money while shopping at Tops.

Useful Tops Tips

Why You Should Buy Store Brand Items At Tops Markets


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